How to Create a Landing Page

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Step 1: Login

Step 1: Login

Enter your Email and Password.  Next Click on Login.

Step 2: Select The Landing Page Template

Click on the "+"

Step 2: Select The Landing Page Template

Now scroll down in the TAGS section, and select the template you'd like to use from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can scroll down the list of Templates and find the one you want.

Step 3: Create the Landing Page

Click on the "+" in the bottom right hand corner of the preview image.

Step 3: Create the Landing Page

Create Subdomain

Now enter in the name of the subdomain ie: 123AnywhereStreet (in the empty name field)

Create Subdomain

if the Subdomain has not been taken, you will see a green checkmark beside the create button.  Proceed by clicking on Create.


They system will let you know that the landing page has been created. Please click on OK to get to the next screen.

Step 4: Editing The Landing Page

You will now be taken to your current landing pages.  Find the one you just created and click on the Edit button

Step 4: Editing The Landing Page

Another screen will populate with the landing page prefilled.

i) Site Settings

Click on Site Settings on the top left of the screen.

i) Site Settings

1. Enter in an appropriate Page Title.  The Page Title is the name that shows up in the internet browser tab

2. If you have a stat code you would like to use, please copy and paste it in here.

3. Click on Save When Done.

ii) Making Changes to the Landing Page

To edit the different components of the landing pages, just double click on what you would like to change.  When you move your mouse around the page, the component the mouse is on, will be highlighted. In this instance the title, has a green line underneath it, which means its editable.

For this example, the Address and price will be revised.

ii) Making Changes to the Landing Page

Changing the Address

Double click on the Address line.  And the editor will appear.

1. Do you want this section hidden? The default is NO, which means this line will be visible.

2. Text Color

3. Text

4. Click on Save

Changing the Address

1. Hide This: select YES or NO from the drop down menu


2. Text Color: click on the pointing down arrow to open the color picker.  Choose the desired color and click on Choose when done.


3. Text: Add in the correct text ie: Address of the property

4. Click on Save when done.

Changing the Price

Double click on price component and make the necessary changes using the instructions from the previous section.

Changing the Price

Changing the Photos / Pictures of the Listing

Hover over the picture you would like to edit. You will see a small edit button show up on the bottom left hand corner of the image.

Changing the Photos / Pictures of the Listing

1. Hide This

2. On Click Do This

3. Select Image

4. Save Image

1. Hide This? Select Yes or No from the drop down menu

2. On Click Do This: when someone clicks on that particular image, what do you want to happen?

1. Nothing

2. Send them to a registration form

3. Take them to a URL.  When you select this option the URL field will appear underneath, just enter in the full URL address here.

3. Select Image: click on the select image button to open the image gallery.

Please keep mind the suggested size for the image is 1024px x 682px.   You will  NOT have the ability to resize the image.

Click on Your Upload Images (to select a photo from your computer)

Click on Choose file. Find the desired photo on your computer and then double click it.

Find the file in the image gallery (note: the file names get listed in Alphabetical order) and then click on Select Image.

Your picture will now update. Repeat this process for each picture.

NOTE: Please make sure you resize your photos before uploading them. Otherwise the row layout will be off and may look like this.

To edit the text in this area, please follow the same process you did when editing the title or price of the property.

To Edit this button, double click on the button

1. Hide this, select yes or no from the drop down menu.

2. Text Color: you only have the ability to change the text color.  You do not have the ability to change the color of the button.

3. Text: Type in what you want the button to say.

4. Save

Double click each of the Headers, by following the same


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