How to Add Twitter To Your Site

Updated :

Previously we used a widget to incorporate Twitter on your site. If you would like to add in your Twitter feed please follow the instructions below.

Login to your CRM system.

Next click on Websites and then on your domain name.

Click Use In Website Editor.

Go to the page on your website that you would like to add in the Twitter Feed. In this example it will be the home page of the website.  Click on the Content Editor button.

Now click anywhere into the content box.

Click on the Source Button.

Now place your mouse where you want to add the twitter feed in.  In this case it will be at the bottom of the page.

Now copy and paste this code into the source box.

<a class="twitter-timeline" data-width="337" data-height="358" href="">Tweets by YOUR TWITTER NAME HERE</a>

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>


NOTE: Please make sure you change the YourTwitterNameHere with your actual Twitter name.

Now click on OK

Click outside of the dashed content box.  And click on OK on the pop up in order to confirm the save changes.

Click on the Content Editor button to turn it off.

Your Twitter feed will now be there.


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