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Updated :

We're excited to announce an important update to the REBGV (Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver) feed: the addition of an address filter. This improvement allows users to filter property listings based on address, providing greater precision and flexibility in their listing searches.

Key Features:

  • Address Filter: Users can now filter property listings by address, enabling them to search for properties using specific street addresses. This filter improves the search functionality of the REBGV feed, allowing users to narrow down their search results based on specific locations.


  • Improved Precision: By filtering property listings based on address, users can refine their search criteria to include only properties located at specific addresses, resulting in more targeted and relevant search results.
  • Improved Search Efficiency: The address filter provides users with a convenient way to search for properties in their desired locations, saving time and effort in the property search process.

How to Access:

  • To access the address filter, users can navigate to the property search page on the REBGV feed and locate the filter options. From there, users can enter the desired address to filter the search results accordingly.

This new feature will empower users to find their ideal properties more efficiently and effectively. Should you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.



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