CMS - Site Manager - Preconstruction Listings on Unbranded Websites

Updated :

We are pleased to announce that agents can now add preconstruction listings to their unbranded websites, just as they do on their branded sites. This enhancement ensures that the functionality and ease of adding preconstruction listings are consistent across both branded and unbranded sites.

Key Features:

  1. Preconstruction Listings on Unbranded Sites:
    • Agents can now add preconstruction listings to their unbranded websites using the same process and tools available for branded sites.
  2. Consistent Implementation:
    • There are no changes in the implementation process. The method for adding preconstruction listings remains the same, ensuring a seamless experience for agents managing both types of sites.


  • Increased Flexibility: Agents can now maintain a comprehensive portfolio of listings, including preconstruction projects, across all their websites.
  • Consistent User Experience: Both branded and unbranded sites will now offer the same functionality, providing a uniform experience for agents and their clients.
  • Expanded Reach: Unbranded sites can now showcase preconstruction listings, potentially reaching a broader audience and generating more leads.

How to Use:

  1. Adding Preconstruction Listings:
    • Agents can add preconstruction listings to their unbranded websites through the Site Manager, following the same steps they use for their branded sites.
    • Navigate to the appropriate section in the Site Manager, input the preconstruction listing details, and publish.
  2. Managing Listings:
    • All features and tools available for managing preconstruction listings on branded sites are now available for unbranded sites, ensuring ease of use and management.

This improvement expands the capabilities of unbranded websites, allowing agents to add and manage preconstruction listings with the same ease and efficiency as on their branded sites.



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