Feeds - TRREB - Kitchen Plus, Total Kitchens - Full Property Details

Updated :

We are enhancing the TRREB feed to display the values of "Kitchen Plus" and "Total Kitchens" in the full property details. This improvement aims to provide more accurate and detailed information about the number of kitchens in each property listing.

Key Features:

  1. Display Kitchen Plus and Total Kitchens:
    • The full property details will now include fields for "Kitchen Plus" and "Total Kitchens," showing the exact number of kitchens in each listing.
  2. Improved Data Accuracy:
    • By including these specific fields, we ensure that the data regarding the number of kitchens in a property is accurate and easily accessible.


  • Enhanced Property Details: Providing detailed information about the number of kitchens helps users make more informed decisions when evaluating properties.
  • Improved Data Accuracy: Displaying the exact number of kitchens ensures that the property details are comprehensive and precise, improving the overall quality of the listings.
  • User Convenience: Users can quickly see the total number of kitchens and any additional kitchen spaces, which is particularly useful for larger properties or those with multiple kitchen areas.

How to Use:

  1. Viewing Property Details:
    • When viewing a property listing, users will now see additional fields in the full property details section for "Kitchen Plus" and "Total Kitchens."
    • These fields will display the relevant values, providing a clear understanding of the property's kitchen configuration.
  2. Listing Management:
    • For agents and property managers, ensure that the correct values for "Kitchen Plus" and "Total Kitchens" are entered when creating or updating property listings to take advantage of this improved data accuracy.

This improvement enhances the detail and accuracy of property listings by including specific fields for the number of kitchens. We believe this will provide users with more valuable information and improve their overall experience when evaluating properties.



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