CRM - Lead Reassigned Alert Templates - Add Lead Metadata Tags

Updated :

We are enhancing the "Lead Assigned" email notification by including lead metadata tags. This update ensures that when a lead is reassigned to a different agent, the email notification will contain detailed metadata, providing better context and integration capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Lead Metadata Tags:
    • The "Lead Assigned" email notification will now include metatags as defined by the Lead Metadata standard. These tags provide structured information about the lead, making it easier to integrate with other systems.
  2. Enhanced Email Notification:
    • The email notification will be sent to the receiving agent's email and any email added to the "CC E-mail For New Lead Alerts" field. This ensures that all relevant parties are informed about the lead reassignment.
  3. CRM Parser Integration:
    • Leads will be created via any CRM parser email that has been added to the CC field (e.g., Follow Up Boss). This integration allows for seamless lead management and tracking across different CRM systems.


  • Improved Lead Context: Including metadata tags in the email notification provides receiving agents with comprehensive information about the lead, enhancing their ability to follow up effectively.
  • Seamless Integration: The use of standard metadata tags facilitates easy integration with other CRM systems and tools, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Notifications: Ensuring that all relevant parties receive the lead reassignment notification helps maintain clear communication and coordination within the team.

How to Use:

  1. Lead Reassignment:
    • When a lead is reassigned to a different agent, the "Lead Assigned" email notification will be automatically sent to the new agent and any email addresses specified in the "CC E-mail For New Lead Alerts" field.
  2. Email Notification Content:
    • The notification email will include lead metadata tags, providing detailed information about the lead. CRM parsers can utilize this metadata to create or update lead records in other systems.

This improvement enhances the lead reassignment process by providing detailed metadata in email notifications, facilitating better integration and communication.



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