Feeds - REBGV - Displaying Lot Size and Title to Land on Sold Properties

Updated :

We are making important updates to the REBGV feed to enhance the accuracy and usability of property details. These updates include changing the display of lot size to square feet and adding "Title to Land" information on sold properties.

Key Features:

  1. Displaying Lot Size in Square Feet:
    • The lot size in the full property details will now be displayed in square feet (Sq Ft) instead of other units.
    • This change aligns with industry standards and competitor practices, providing consistency and familiarity for users.
  2. Adding Title to Land on Sold Properties:
    • The "Title to Land" information will now be included in the full property details for sold properties.
    • This addition allows users to refine their search criteria further and obtain more comprehensive information about the property's title status.


  • Improved Data Consistency: Displaying lot size in square feet aligns with common industry practices, making it easier for users to understand and compare properties.
  • Enhanced Property Details: Including "Title to Land" information on sold properties provides users with more detailed and relevant data, aiding in their decision-making process.
  • Better User Experience: These updates ensure that users have access to accurate and comprehensive property information, improving their overall experience on the platform.

How to Use:

  1. Viewing Property Details:
    • When viewing property listings, users will now see the lot size displayed in square feet in the full property details section.
    • For sold properties, the "Title to Land" information will also be displayed, providing additional context about the property's legal status.
  2. Listing Management:
    • Agents and property managers should ensure that the lot size is accurately entered in square feet and that the "Title to Land" information is included when creating or updating property listings to take full advantage of these improvements.

These updates to the REBGV feed enhance the detail and accuracy of property listings, providing users with more valuable information and improving their overall experience.



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