Updates For February 26, 2018

Updated :

This update, we have a few bug fixes and updates that have been explained below. 

  1. Task Assignee: If a lead has pending tasks and the main agent / lead owner is changed, all of the pending tasks will now be assigned to the new lead owner. (Update)
  2. Registration Date: Previously the registration date on the home screen would specify how many days / months/etc old the lead was. We've updated this area to show the exact date and time the lead registered. (Update)
  3. Deleting Lead: When you delete a lead, the system will automatically pause any campaigns that the lead has been assigned to. (Update)
  4. Google Calendar: If you have integrated your CRM with your google / gmail account, your google calendar items were showing up in the AL Calendar.  Now your AL tasks will also show up on your google calendar. (Update)
  5. Task Overview Custom Date: You now have the ability to select a custom date range when viewing task from the overview screen.
  6. Note & Call Log Posted Date: Previously the notes and call log posts would specify how many dates ago the note or call took place. We've updated this area to show the exact date and time of the note. (Update)
  7. Photos Viewed: FOR TARGET LEAD GEN WEBSITES ONLY - When a lead looks a property photos, we can number display the number of photos per property they looked at. (Update)
  8. Create a Lead Gen User Account: FOR TARGET LEAD GEN WEBSITES ONLY - You can now use the "Saved Listing Search" search option for leads that have been manually added into the system.
  9. Duplicate Leads: FOR TARGET LEAD GEN WEBSITES ONLY - If you have a lead in the system already who has registered on a lead gen site and you try to manually add them in, the system will give you a warning note.  
  10. Resend Activation Email: FOR TARGET LEAD GEN WEBSITES ONLY - if a lead has not received their activation email and you want to resend it, simply click o the envelope icon beside their email address.
  11.  Wrong number call log selection will now change the pipeline to Tried to Contact. (Bug Fix)
  12. The pipeline card will now refresh automatically. (Bug Fix)


Task Assignee:

Registration Date & Time:

Google Calendar Integration:

Custom Date Range:

Note Posted Date:


Photos Viewed:

One thing to keep in mind with this update is that when a lead looks at a listing from the emails you send them, the system will automatically calculate 5 image views due to how the images are auto displayed.

Create a Lead Gen User Account:  You must enter in a leads phone number and email address in order to register them to a Lead Gen User Account.

Duplicate Leads: The system will only verify a duplicate lead based on the leads email address not phone number. 

Resend Activation Email:


Wrong Number Call Log Selection:

Pipeline Card:


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