How to Setup a Lead on the Saved Listing Search Option if They Were Added Either Manually or They were Imported

Updated :

Once the lead is added either manually or imported, here is how you can set them up on the Saved Listing Search:

1. Go to the Lead and go to the Saved Listing Searches section, and click on the Add New Lead Gen User:

2. And click on Yes:

*please note if a lead with the same email address is already added on the Saved Listing Search, this conversion would not be possible.

3. Once this is done, just go to Add New Search:


4. And to add a new search please follow these steps:

 4.1.  Add Filer name:


4.2. Add Filters to refine a search.

4.3. Once you are done, first click on Apply Filter, to see how many listings you get, and if you are satisfied, just click on Save Filter to save the search.

4.4. Once that is done, you can adjust when the listing would go out:

4.5. Just exit the screen.

If it's easier, you can watch the video below:


For more assistance, please send an email to or give us a call at 1-888-812-1125.


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