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Email #1 - goes out on day 3 

Hi [FirstName],

I wanted to let you know that sometimes there are listings that might match your criteria that never hit the market; meaning they never get listed in the Multiple Listing Service.

If you would like to be on our list for those types of properties as well, please feel free to call or email me the best times to call you and the fastest number to reach you on.

P.s. Many buyers don't understand what MLS (Multiple Listing Service) really means. Simply put, it`s a association that real estate agents join for a fee where they 'share' listings...similar to the way a stock exchange works.


Email #2 - goes out on day 6

Hi [FirstName],

After being in real estate for many years, I've come to realize that each person goes through a different buying process. Some like to do a lot of homework, while others buy the first home they visit.

In either case, this is still one of the biggest financial and emotional transactions that most people ever make in a lifetime, so I recommend at least understanding what I've seen as the best way to buy (and sell for that matter)...

email me and I'll give you access to proven and time tested strategies that you can use to locate and secure the best deals in the market...

...way before other buyers and real estate agents do.

It's absolutely no cost to you and you can get priority access simply by replying to my email.

It's one of the easiest ways to get expert information on today's top strategies and it's all here for you.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this offer.

Email me now to get access to this amazing information.


Email #3 - goes out on day 7

Hi [FirstName],

Buying a home is one of the largest emotional transactions you'll ever make in your entire life and smart home sellers know that.

When you finally convince yourself that it's time to buy, the Law of Commitment kicks in and you can't stop yourself from taking action... that's just about the point where you put the blinders on and stop seeing your potential purchase with the eye of a true critic.

You overlook rotten trim boards, you don't notice the dehumidifier in each room hiding the moldy smell, you dismiss the crispy roof shingles and you start picturing your favorite couch in front of the fireplace.

So how do you snap out of that buyer trance...take a $20 dollar bill out of your pocket and throw it in the trash... then ask yourself how do you feel?

While it's okay to buy a fixer upper at the right price, just make sure you see the real warts.


Email #4 - goes out on day 7

Hi [FirstName],

After many years of dealing with successful home buyers, we've come to realize that there's a critical question we must ask before we begin the real home hunt.

So here it is; On a Scale of 1 to 10, how motivated are you to buy a home? If the answer is not 8 to 10, then they're simply not ready enough.

We offer anybody a FREE, No Obligation service of automatically sending pictures of properties online to match a home buyer's criteria and we're even happy to show them 4 or 5 before they are really ready.

However, we definitely encourage home buyers to get in the "highly motivated" range before they start making offers on a home...why you ask?

The strength in negotiation comes from knowing for sure that it's time because you can lower the uncertainty and emotion so you can think more logically and negotiate yourself the best home at the best price.

If you're 8 to 10 now give me a call and together we'll hunt down the perfect deal for you!


Email #5 - goes out on day 9

Hi [FirstName],

If you've ever bought or considered buying diamond you know that you get very mixed emotions. On one hand, you fall in love emotionally with the "bling" and the warm, fuzzy feeling that luxury and status will bring, but...

... on the other hand, you feel the anxiety of trying to figure out how to compare one stone versus the next as they all start to look the same.

Whether you're buying a diamond or a home... you always want the best deal you can get, right?

It's a fact all of us want the most we can get with the best quality for the best value whenever we make a purchase, it's human nature.

And when it comes to buying a home there's a right way and there's a wrong way.

I know how to do it the "right way" and I've prepared a special secret for you that reveals the insider secrets and my proven process that will save you thousands on your next home purchase.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Email #6 - goes out on day 12

Hi [FirstName],

It doesn't matter if the market is on fire like it has been in recent years or showing signs of hitting the brakes like it was in the last half 2013... good deals never last long.

In fact, if a property is listed below market value you can bet it won't last more than 24 - 72 hours after hitting the market.

Your goal as a savvy home purchaser is to locate these hot deals and get it under contract before other buyers in your market looking for the same thing!

Finding these hot little numbers is easier than you think if you know where to look and what to do once you find them so you can get a great price.

To show you the shortcuts I've created an article to reveal the insider secrets used by the pros so you can make it happen (and best of's totally free for you to access it)

I know what I'm going to share with you in this article is worth thousands... maybe even tens of thousands off your next home purchase so you don't want to miss it.

Simply reply to my email and I will send it off to you.


Email #7 - goes out on day 15

Hi [FirstName],

No matter if you're a seasoned home purchaser with many notches on your belt or a first time buyer you need a plan to search out and secure the best deals.

As a professional real estate consultant with many years experience I've done the research and have helped hundreds of buyers go through the process.

I've basically simplified the process and it's laid out from beginning to end and available to you in my article.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can use these proven techniques and strategies because for most of us, this is going to be one of the biggest purchases of our lives.

The best deals are out there waiting for you to find them... learn how by simply replying to this email.


Email #8 - goes out on day 18

Hi [FirstName],

After being in real estate for many years, I've come to realize that each person goes through a different buying process. Some like to do a lot of homework, while others buy the first home they visit.

In either case, this is still one of the biggest financial and emotional transactions that most people ever make in a lifetime, so I recommend at least understanding what I've seen as the best way to buy (and sell for that matter)... check out this free one-of-a-kind article, where I'll give you access to proven and time tested strategies that you can use to locate and secure the best deals in the market...

...way before other buyers and real estate agents do.

It's one of the easiest ways to get expert information on today's top strategies and it's all here for you in this article.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this offer.

Reply to this email to get access to this amazing information.


Email #9 - goes out on day 25

Hi [FirstName],

One of the biggest myths that home buyers believe is that they can get the best deal by calling the "listing agent" directly.

The dangerous assumption is that the agent will cut their commission to make the deal happen and somehow that's a windfall for the buyer.

First of all, unless it's disclosed that the agent has permission to represent both sides equally (which is the equivalent of one lawyer representing both sides in court) then that listing agent MUST have the sellers best interest in mind NOT the buyers.

Secondly, let's assume the agent makes a 50% cut in their commission that equals 2%, 2.5%, 3% or do you know that makes it a great deal?...the bottom line is that you don't.

So I always recommend that you have a competent real estate consultant represent you the buyer and not the seller.


Email #10 - goes out on day 32

Hi [FirstName],

There's really no doubt about it that when a home buyer is paying cash, the seller perks up and takes notice, but does that mean if you can't pay all cash that you're on the outside looking in an never able to compete? No!

The equalizer is proper preparation. The most important step is getting pre-approved by a lender so you know exactly what you can afford and what you'll have to put down for a deposit.

The first benefit for pre-approval is that you'll no longer be guessing and over-estimating what you should be looking at. Yet the second benefit by having your buyer agent submit a pre-approval letter from an upstanding lender, will absolutely strengthen your offer so you can compete with an all cash offer (After all how does the seller know the supposed cash buyer really has the money?)

So, if you're not an all cash buyer, then get a pre-approval asap even if you're not buying immediately because it's still good to know where you really stand financially.

P.s. If you need a recommendation for a few lenders that I trust, then feel free to call me and I'll make personal introduction.

P.p.s. Once you're pre-approved remember that you'll be qualified for your maximum. In my experience it's best to search for homes in a price category 5% or so BELOW your max so you don't become house rich and cash flow broke!


Email #11 - goes out on day 39

Hi [FirstName],

If you're a local buyer, then it's easy to get you into the homes you like with a simple phone call to my office.

If you're moving in from out of town, out of province or even out of country, I'd be more than happy to preview any of the homes you like to make sure they are what they appear to be.

In this day and age of photo enhancements, the ugly frog can be turned into a prince very easily... it's my job to play detective and figure what's real and what's perception so that our buyers get a fair shake.

Remember, the power is in the truth, and the right information easily reveals the truth.

P.s. I have nothing against frogs, in fact they can be some of the best deals especially if all they need is a simple, low cost, cosmetic make-over. These are the deals I always look for when I'm personally in the market to buy a home for my family or for investment purposes.

P.p.s. Don't worry if you're not handy, I have a bunch of competent tradesmen that offer good prices to my buyers.



Email #12 - goes out on day 46

Hi [FirstName],

I'm asked all the time about how to buy distress sales and power of sale properties from buyers that are looking for the absolute best deal.

Well the good news is that I've had no choice but to become an expert at finding these types of properties, but how do you know if they are right for you?

It really depends on exactly what you're looking for. There's a perception that these types of properties are in terrible condition and are dangerous buys. While that may be true in some cases, it's definitely not in others.

At the end of the day, any offer written on your behalf should include a home inspection, even if you're a pro at buying homes, because it's impossible to really know what you're buying without digging deeper.

Even in that case there are still things that can go wrong and that's where a home warrnaty and home owner's insurance close the gap!

Have a great day,


Email #13 - goes out on day 53

Hi [FirstName],

You hear it all the time, it's a sellers market, no wait it's a buyers market... which is it?

Well, let's make an important distinction. If you're referring to the overall economy, you'll certainly find that in tough economic times buyers have a general advantage in that many more sellers have to sell because of financial hardship... that could certainly qualify as a "buyer's market."

Conversely, when the economy is hot, prices seem to just keep climbing the ladder putting sellers in the proverbial cat-bird seat...a "sellers market" for sure.

However, the key point for buyers is the true motivation of the seller to begin with. Sellers that must sell for a wide variety of reasons exist in all economic a home buyer, you just have to know where to find them.

P.S. When working with buyers, I always ask the selling side questions about why they're selling...if you can uncover this secret, you're one step closer to creating the only buyer's market that matters, and that's your own!


Email #14 - goes out on day 60 

Hi [FirstName],

On of the most painful mistakes that home buyers make is waking up after making a purchase realizing that they paid too much money and could have gotten a better deal.

Or even worse is the paralyzing paranoia just thinking about getting "taken" in the biggest financial transaction that keeps many would-be home buyers from ever buying at all!

Well, the fact is that "true market value" is very easily determined with a simple mathematical formula that even math-phobes like! So before you buy any home make sure you are working with an agent that does the proper math!

Have a great day,

Email #15 - goes out on day 67

Hi [FirstName],

One of the biggest myths that Home Buyers get sucked in by is that somehow by only calling the listing agents on homes they like, they will save thousands of dollars.

Well you might in fact "save" some money if the agent agrees to "cut" their commission rate if you don't purchase through another agent, however, let's do the math...

If the agent charged the seller only 50% of the agreed upon rate, how does that really effect whether or not that reduction made the home price a great deal at all?

There is a high probability that the agent still ONLY represents the sellers best interest and has no reason to negotiate he price on your behalf. Therefore, your perceived savings might not be that great at all and you still might have overpaid because your best interests are not being protected.

Have a great day and as always I'm here to help.


Email #16 - goes out on day 74

Hi [FirstName],

Once you've made a firm decision to buy a home, the process can be very exciting (and of course nerve-wracking). You jump online and look at all the beautiful pictures and jump in the car to do your drive-bys of areas.

You can't wait to get in and see some properties so you call the agent, you visit the open house and you fall in love like a have to own it now! So you put in an offer worried that other buyers will beat you to it...and that's exactly what happens...

You forgot to get pre-approved so the seller went with the other guy even though you made a higher offer...why... because your competition was already pre-approved or had the cash.

What's the point? Get pre-approved BEFORE you shop so you know your strengths and weaknesses.

P.s. If you need recommendations for a few lenders that I trust, then feel free to call me and I'll make the personal introduction.

Have a great day,


Email #17 - goes out on day 81

Hi [FirstName],

Unless you're paying cash you should definitely go through a thorough pre-approval process as discussed, but that's just the beginning of your homework.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 9 out of 10 home buyers use the internet to help them search for a home. While that encourages you that looking online is a great step, it can be dangerous to make any serious decision about your home purchase by getting stuck online.

There are several problems with this method;

1. Pictures can be manipulated to make a property look much better than it is.

2. There are so many properties online you can get paralyzed staring at the screen.

The solution is simple. Early in the process get out there and see 4 or 5 homes that are in the areas you're considering... it's the equivalent of test driving a car before you buy it.

This way you can sharpen the criteria you use to search online. This is how all the smart buyers get the right property at the right price!

Have a great day,


Email #18 - goes out on day 88

Hi [FirstName],

The old saying goes that Home Buyers hate to be sold, but they love to buy. Having been a home buyer myself, I would have to agree with that.

Did you know that according to experts consumers must hear or see a marketing message over 27 times, to make 9 brain penetrations, to be recognized consciously 3 times, BEFORE we'll even make that buying decision!

No wonder why we're always feeling overwhelmed! With so many marketing messages peddling things that we don't want, it's no surprise that we've raised up the walls and reject most offers.

The only way to stay focused is to think education first. Once you decide to buy a home, think about what education you'll need to make your decision.

Once you're empowered with real knowledge, you'll never be sold again!

P.S. When choosing a real estate agent to help guide you while seeking the right knowledge don't be afraid to ask them a lot of questions to test their level of understanding.


Email #19 - goes out on day 95

Hi [FirstName],

If you have to go "under the knife" for serious surgery, how would you choose your surgeon?  If you had a friend that was a doctor would you blindly choose them based on friendship or would you do some homework on their track record?

Or maybe you have a family member that became a surgeon, but never really practiced that much... but how in the world do you insult them and go with somebody else and plus they'll do it for less and save you thousands...or will they?

You see, these are very real scenarios in the real estate industry because most home buyers know somebody with a real estate license.

However, let's break out the smelling salts... this is the single largest emotional AND financial transaction for most people and you have only one chance to get it right.

Make the best choice for you.



Email #20 - goes out on day 102

Hi [FirstName],

The biggest challenge for any home buyer is trying to get the best home at the best possible price. So how do the smartest buyers do it?

The Myth is that the best home buying negotiators grind the home seller to the bone... and that makes most buyers cringe as they can't even imagine going through that type of process.

Well after negotiating hundreds of contracts I can safely tell you that low balling is a waste of time and that's not how to get the best deal.

Certainly there are occasions when an offer much lower than the asking price will be accepted, but in those cases the home was often way over-priced to begin the way that's the biggest mistake a home seller can make!

What really leads to great deals is Two simple things; 1. You need a truly motivated to "must sell" seller. 2. The "Pricing-It-Right" analysis that reveals the price range that a house will trade in.

Not possible to determine True market Value? Oh yes it is...and it's easy to understand but amazingly most agents and buyers have no idea how to do it...but I do... I'm not bragging I've just worked really hard over the years to crack the code.



Email #21 - goes out on day 109

Hi [FirstName],

During one of my earlier purchases I said to myself, "whatever you do, don't say "I love it" in front of the other agent!" Well of course it ended up being me that made the mistake and said that very line out loud!

I'm not sure exactly how much it cost me, but I know it was at least $10,000 during negotiation. Well I certainly never did that again!

In fact, I've gone on to know that you're best served if you learn to put your poker face on...actually, maybe even pop some over-sized sunglasses on and put a piece of duct tape over your mouth if you have to...but control your positive emotions...on the other hand...

If you love a home but see clear and obvious work that needs to be done, don't be afraid to point that out as you do your walk through.

Of course there's a clear difference between obnoxiously putting a home down and then making an offer versus simply pointing out the deferred maintenance... the worst sellers and agents to negotiate with are those that have been insulted by an overly aggressive buyer.

Simply put, be real but don't gush!


Email #22 - goes out on day 116

Hi [FirstName],

Although the Internet is a fabulously helpful tool in the home buying process, it definitely comes with it's drawbacks. As discussed previously, you can't get a real feeling for any home until you visit it.

One of the most misleading stats is square footage. Why?  Because layout matters a great deal.

If you shop by the pound, then stick to commodities because something like price per square foot, while helpful is really useless when considering room flow.

The way a home "feels" has everything to do with whether or not a buyer will even like it to begin with.  There are buyers who fall in love with open floor plans with high ceilings and there are others that love cozy and warm and even darker homes... it's very personal.

So how will you know which homes you'll really like? Get out there and visit them!


Email #23 - goes out on day 123

Hi [FirstName],

A patient home buyer certainly has the advantage of detachment from the outcome, in other words they feel like there's always another deal down the road.

Other buyers are very patient negotiators, they simply will not chase a deal no matter how much they love it unless they can buy it at a reasonable price!

However, we should reconsider the buyer's true motivation and whether or not there's a good deal on the table at the right price.

Assuming a buyer is motivated in the "buy-it-now" range, then it really comes down to the simple questions: is the property priced right for the current market given its condition?

If it is, then don't over think it... lock it up!



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