Updates for August 7, 2018

Updated :

1. Out of Office Settings - this will allow a team member, to specify when they are going on vacation or will be absent and have any leads that would be assigned to them, assigned to another team member.

2. Administration Tab - this menu option will give you access to the user preferences settings for sub-user accounts in your system. Only the master account (main account) and admins will be able to edit the sub-users info.

3. Filter Only My Tasks - In the task overview screen there is a Filter Only My Task option. This allows you to see just your tasks or tasks assigned to other users in which you are the leads main agent. 

 4. Delete Saved Listing Search - LEAD GEN ONLY - This will allow you to stop and remove a listing search, instead of just pausing it. 

5. Campaign Tag Stopping Clauses - You are now able to auto stop a campaign based on the tag(s) that get assigned to the lead.


Out of Office Settings

Note: The start date starts at 12:00am and the end date ends at 11:59pm. Therefore the dates you are selecting are for FULL days. You can not specify to stop the out of office settings at a particular time of day. 


Administration Tab


 Filter Only My Tasks



Delete Saved Listing Search



Campaign Stopping Clause Tags



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