How AgentLocator will help real estate agents use the sold data & how do I start using it on my AgentLocator website.

Updated :


What do I have to do to start showing solds on my website?

Based on the email every member received from TREB on Sep 17th 2018 you and your broker of record need to send an email to requesting to get access to the VOW feed.


What will AgentLocator be doing & how fast will it be available?

We will be implementing the ability to search through solds by searching for an address within the first couple of weeks of getting the data.  We are due to be receiving logins to start pulling the sold data as of Sep 18th 2018, it will take us approximately a couple of weeks to get the data organized as well as build a tool which will give your logged in clients the ability to start searching through sold listings.


What else will you be doing and how will you let us know.

We already have the nosy neighbour tool which notifies your leads of properties that are listed in and around their home.  We will extend this tool to also start notifying leads of sold properties in the same manner.

We are also going to start working on a new tool which will be something like we've never had before, we don't want to release any information about this tool yet until we make sure that everything we wish to do is possible from a technological and legal perspective.

We'll be posting more information as it comes out in our AgentLocator clients Facebook Group.



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