Updates November 1, 2018

Updated :

1. Bedrooms + - LEAD GEN ONLY: you now have the ability to see Bedrooms and Bedrooms plus one the lead gen websites listing preview.

2. Lead Data Tab Searchable - You will now be able to categorize and label your leads easier with the Leads Data search bar.

3. Reply to An Email - If a lead responds to an email that you have sent them from the system, you now have the ability to respond back to the lead using the reply button.

4. Lead Activity Email - The lead activity email will now include an URL link to connect you directly to the lead's profile in the CRM system.

5. ISA User Account Settings - If you have an Inside Sales Agent (ISA), you now have the ability to set them up with the ISA settings.

6. Collaboration Tab - We have removed the Collaboration tab from the CRM system. 

7. Streetmatch (TREB users)- You now have the ability to send out sold listings as well as active listings to your contacts / leads using Streetmatch



1. Bedrooms +

 2. Lead Data Search Bar 



3. Reply To Email 


4. Lead Active Email & URL Link


5. ISA Settings 


6. Collaboration Tab

7. How to Edit a Streetmatch Search


 How to Create a New Streetmatch Search



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