Updated January 23, 2019

Updated :


1. Task Overview Screen - we have now changed the look of this screen.  It will now be laid out in a table to make it easier for you to use.

2. Trash Can / Delete Lead - The Trash column has been removed and you will now see the trash can icon in the first column with the leads contact information when on the home screen.

3. Most Used Tags - When you want to assign a tag to a lead, you would have noticed that the tags were sorted in alphabetical order.  We have now created a "Most Used Tag" tab, which will sort your tags according to whats used the most.  Thus making it easier to find & use your favourite tags.

4. V3 Polygon Search Bar (AUTOMATED LEAD GEN) - When you use the polygon aka map search function when creating a search for a lead, you will now be able to better target the area by using the search field. 

5.  Unsubscribe Link - In order to make sure that we adhere to all anti-spam laws, there is an unsubscribe option on all emails that go out from the system.

7. Deleted Leads and Their Tasks (BUG) - Now if you delete a lead, their tasks will also be deleted from the system.

1. Task Overview Screen




2. Trash Can New Placement


3. Most Used Tag


4. V3 Polygon Search Address Field




5. Unsubscribe Link


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