Updated March 6, 2019

Updated :

Summary of Updates

1. Additional Contacts - You now have the ability to add in additional contact fields for a contact in your crm.  IE: spouse, additional phone number, etc.

2. Agent Alert Emails - You will now see a new template being sent out to you when you receive new leads or alerts.

3. Customizable Listing Email Template (LEAD GEN ONLY) - As a automated Lead Gen site user, you now have the ability to customize the listing email template to make it more branded.

4. New Lead Alert Options - You can easily change how you are alerted to a lead's activity.  You can be updated if a lead is reactivated, if they have looked at a home more than 3 times or if they have liked a property.

5. Updated Lead Alert Emails - You can now be updated on when a lead looks at a listing 3 times, when they are active or if they have liked a property.

6. Email Alert for Reactivated Leads - If you have a lead who has not been active in 30 days +, once they do start opening your emails again, you will be alerted with the Reactivation email.

7. Update to the Address field - We have updated the more details address field to separate the street address, city, etc.




1. Add Secondary Contact Info into a Lead


2. New Alert Email Template


3. How to Customize Your Listing Email - LEAD GEN USERS ONLY


4. How to Update Your Lead Alerts



5. Updated Lead Alert Email Templates


6. Reactivation Email


7. Update to the Address Field



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