Update Guide - May 7, 2019

Updated :

Release: May 7, 2019

Here is a release guide for the next updates to AgentLocator CRM system. In this post, we've highlighted the main improvements and new features that will be available from today. 

1. Facebook Integration Update: How to feed Facebook leads to AgentLocator account

Lead gen website users can integrate leads acquired through Facebook ads directly into the CRM in a few clicks. Watch our video to see how it works, and please note that this feature is only for lead gen websites.


2. Additional tags added: If, None, Any

Tag filters have been updated with additional options that allow you to browse more efficiently through your filters and adjust your searches better.


3. Open property data inside CRM - Mobile compare property data

Searching  properties via phone did not enable full image views so far and you’d always had to scroll left and right within a photo, but with our new update, you can see the property photos in full view. Check it out here:


4. Migrate or convert Legacy (branded) website users to Lead Gen (unbranded) website users

Convert legacy or branded website users to lead gen website users within the CRM with the newly available option. If you have both, a branded and unbranded (lead gen) website with AgentLocator, watch the video to see how you can move your leads from one to the other.


In case you have any questions please send your request to support@agentlocator.ca.

Thank you for watching!


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