Update Guide - May 14, 2019

Updated :

Release: May 14, 2019


We are so excited to announce a new round of features releasing today inside the AgentLocator CRM system.


Here are new additional features released today:


1. New feature: Filter your leads by Buying City, Buying Type of Home & Buying Price

New options have been added to our CRM allowing Agents to filter out leads by saved searches such as filtering by buying price, buying home type and buying city.

To filter searches by price, enter the minimum and maximum price to target a specific range, and for home types, opt for one or more buying home types (and whichever you pick, i.e., apartment, townhouse, etc., it will be directly pulled from the corresponding board).

When entering the buying city, you will have the autocomplete option at your disposal. As you start typing the first letter of a city, suggestions will pop up in the dropdown facilitating the process.

Applying these filters will generate leads who match all of the 3 filter categories. You can also search by one or two filters. For example, you can omit Buying Home Type if you wish or any of the other two remaining filters, so you can adjust your saved search filter as you want.


2. New feature: Adding a system note when Legacy Website user converted to Lead Gen user

As an addition to a new feature that allows CRM users to migrate or convert a legacy website leads to the gen website leads, now you will be able to monitor migrated lead inside the CRM notes.

When you convert certain lead generated through the legacy website and confirm migration, you will be able to check system notes in the CRM system that will confirm that a certain lead is migrated to the new lead gen website.


3. Setup a new saved search with migrated/converted leads from legacy to lead gen website 

In the last release, we have launched a new feature that allows CRM users to migrate or convert a legacy or branded website users to lead gen or unbranded website users.

So when a CRM user navigates to a certain leads details page and if that lead is generated through the legacy website and if that user has at least one lead gen website, they're going to be able to convert that lead through Add New Lead Gen User button.

After you confirm the migration, two things are going to happen. Firstly, lead gen user will be successfully created and you will see that note in CRM notes and all of his properties have moved to the lead gen website as well.

With this, we will be able to add a new search for this lead, apply filters and save as new Saved Listing Search.



In case you have any questions please send your request to support@agentlocator.ca.

Thank you for watching!


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