Update Guide - May 28, 2019

Updated :

Released: May 28, 2019
Release: 1.18.0


1. Security Update: New Login Page, Limited Login Attempts and IP Address Tracking

Here's a quick update for CRM users regarding safety and privacy while logging in. The first thing that users are going to notice is that the CRM has a new sign-in page and this is how it's actually going to look like from now on. 

If a user tries to log into an account with the wrong password, they are going to have five attempts before getting a notification for an invalid login attempt warning them that after five more consecutive failed login attempts, the user's account will be locked out for 60 minutes. 

If the user proceeds despite the notification and has five more failed attempts, they will be able to see the countdown of how many more attempts they have left. If the user has 10 failed login attempts,  they will get a notification for an invalid login attempt.

Even if the user tries to log in with the correct password after the failed attempts, they will get a notification that their account is locked out and that they can try again in 59 minutes or contact support for further assistance.

When the user actually reaches out to the support team or the company account holder, they're going to see a notification under the user's suite details page stating that the status of the user is Locked. If a company account holder or support team clicks the option Unlock, then the user will be able to access their CRM account again with the correct password without having to wait for 60 minutes. 



2. Facebook Integration Update: Add Type of Home to Facebook Lead

This is the update for the latest feature on Facebook integration. In addition to already existing filters, while integrating Facebook into the CRM system, you're also going to be able to set up the type of home and select it from a drop-down. In this way, this filter will also be added to the configured listings email criteria, and proper email listings will be sent to the Facebook lead.


3.1. Additional Filters Update: Tasks Filters

With this filter, users are going to be able to filter out leads by their tasks, and from the drop down, they're going to be able to select Not startedIn progress, Completed, Waiting on someone else and Closed. An option to select the timeline is also available.


3.2. Additional Filters Update: Last Call Result

Users are able to filter leads out by the last call result and see if the call was in or not and they're also going to be able to select from the following filters:

  • Called (No message left)
  • Lead Called In
  • Lead is Not There
  • Left Voice Mail
  • Opt Out- Do not call
  • SMS Message
  • Talked to Lead
  • Wrong Number


3.3. Additional Filters Update: Leads Receiving Listings Filter

Filter out Leads By their Receiving Listing which will further allow you to choose between leads who receive a Listing Email and who don't.


3.4. Additional Filters Update: Last Message Type Filters

With this filter, users will be able to filter leads out by last SMS. Also, users are going to be able to apply this to all leads in case of no reply from a  lead. 


4. Redesigned Lead Activity Section in CRM

This is also on of the latest update regarding the leads activity tab in the CRM system. If a user navigates to a certain lead's details page and wants to see more details about the last activity, they will notice that the general design has been changed a bit. On the left hand side, users will have clickable drop-downs for filtering options for properties under the Analytics button. 


In case you have any questions please send your request to support@agentlocator.ca.

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