Update Guide - June 25, 2019

Updated :

Released: June 25, 2019
Release: 1.20.0

1. Like property option enabled for converted Lead Gen users with an unverified email

With this update, no email verification is needed. Your converted Lead Gen users have now the option to hit the Like button on any of the properties they actually like.


2. Updated Listing email template

Listing email templates are updated with call-to-actions for sharing feedback on specific listings. 


3. Facebook Integration Update: Facebook leads will receive Listing emails automatically 

With our new Facebook integration update, your leads coming through Facebook will automatically receive a listing email after they register.


4. Automatically capitalized first and last name for new leads

Sometimes leads enter their names in lowercase letters in the registration forms. Our new update automatically capitalizes leads’ first and last names in the CRM whether they register through your Lead Gen website, legacy website or Facebook. 


In case you have any questions please send your request to support@agentlocator.ca.

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