Update Guide - July 9, 2019

Updated :

Release date: July 9, 2019
Release version: 1.21.0


1. Listing Exposure Tool

The listing exposure tool allows you to present the client with a little bit of information about their property based on the city, the type of property and the price range of where they feel their property should be.

And what it really does it's going to show you exactly what is our potential system reach for people who are looking for properties in that actual price range with the type of property, as well as with the specific number of bedrooms or bathrooms. This system number will update the exact number of people who currently have, that are seeking for a property that is in that same range.

It'll also show you how many listings are currently active with that same price range, as well as what is the average number of days on the market of the properties in those price ranges, in which area, along with that the average sale price.

For boards where we have data of sold properties, we're going to display the actual sold price. For boards where we don't have data about sold properties, we're going to be displaying the actual live price.

Now, how you can actually use this to your advantage? With this tool, you can give your client an understanding of exactly how many properties are currently available on the market for their exact price range, how long it takes for the properties in that price range to sell, etc.

Other great insights for your clients would be to use this reporting with the price filter and give them an idea of how many people are currently actually searching for properties in that area across our entire platform at a certain price range. That is also another great indicator for your clients. 


2. Monthly Condo Fee and Taxes filter

With this new update, we are introducing two new filters to our lead generation websites specifically for Florida Board and they are the Monthly Condo Fee filter and Taxes filter.

First of all, the Monthly Condo Fee is only applicable to the Florida Board this time and it allows you to search for properties that have a specific monthly condo fee.

The second filter that we are introducing is the Taxes filter, and this one was has been added to all of our boards except the Toronto Real Estate Board, DDF, Barrie, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Texas. Watch the video below to learn how to apply these filters. 


3. Showing MMS photos

Before this update, there wasn't an option to see photos within the SMS section, but now you have this available as a full feature inside your CRM. With this release, we are happy to introduce the capability to receive MMS messages within your CRM, and in this video, we will going to show you how exactly that is going to look like. 

For example purposes we have recorded one testing case in our videos so you can see exactly they're going to appear within your CRM. An important thing to note is that, unfortunately, there is no option to send out MMS messages from CRM at this moment. However, we are working on it and with one of our future releases, it's definitely going to be introduced as well.


4. View More Info opens in a new tab

This is just a slight tweak we have made to the Safe Listing searches and the emails that get sent out to your leads. What happened before is, when people would click on View More Details, the link would open up in the same window or writing that you had open at that time.

What we made with this update is that, once you click on View More Details, the listing is actually going to open up in a new tab so you can easily open as many of these listing details as you want in a single-window tab. Watch this video below to help understand this new functionality.


5. Email notification for lead's activity

Another change that we have made with this release is the way in which we will, from now on, handle cases of multiple MLS listings that share the same MLS number on the DDF board.

On our testing lead generation website, we have searched for two properties that share the same MLS number and opened those two listings three times. Watch this video below to see our example case. 

When your lead views properties at least three times, a notification email will be sent to an agent with all information about that lead and viewed properties.


6. Religion and Birthday filters

In this new update, we have introduced two new search filters that you're going to be able to use here on out, and those would be the Birthday filter and the Religion filter as well.

In this video, we will show you exactly how they're going to function. For the Birthdays filter, you'll have the option to select all leads that have their birthdays today tomorrow, in the next seven days or any of these other options.

Religion filter basically allows you to only filter the leads that have a certain religion assigned to them, like the Hinduism religion for example. When this filter applied, only the leads that have this religion are going to appear in your search results.



In case you have any questions please send your request to support@agentlocator.ca.

Thank you for watching!


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