Update Guide - 8/20/2019

Updated :

Release date: 8/20/2019
Release version: 1.24.0


1. Introducing Printing Labels Feature

For those of you that print labels and send out mailers to your clients, we're proud to announce the fact that we have a new feature that allows you to print labels directly from your CRM system and here is exactly how you do that.

So, first and foremost what you want to do is typically probably select a list of your past clients, let's say or somebody who you only have addresses for because you're not going to be printing labels for 6000 people.

You would do that by finding all the leads that you've tagged as Past clients, you'd click apply and once that the list comes up you can click on Select all, Apply Actions and Print labels.

Then you specify what type of label printer you have once you specify that and the starting position for a label you can click great predate PDF and that will create the PDF and prepare your labels for printing.


2. How to Enable SSL for New Leads

To enable the phone validation you simply click on the button as shown in this video and it will turn green. 

Now, when you do turn it on, it will not be green immediately as it is sent for processing. However, once that processing is complete and when you jump back in, you will notice that it has turned green and enabled. 


3. How to Enable Phone Validation 

AgentLocator clients that are currently on the automated lead gen system now can turn on SSL, as well as phone validation for those leads that are coming in.

How to turn this on? You simply head up to your user preferences under the user profile icon. Once in the User Preferences you're going to head over to Website Settings, check for the website that you wish to turn the settings on for. Please note that once you turn these on you will need support to assist with turning them off.

To enable the phone validation you simply click on the button. It will turn green. And to enable the SSL, you simply do the same.


4. Was Not Contacted Filter - Updated

The Was Not Contacted filter has now been updated to allow for the selection of multiple communication types.

To do so, you can select the various communication types that you wish to sort your leads by. For this example, I'll first select SMS and phone so what we're doing here is we're looking for leads that have not been contacted by phone or SMS and we're going to look for all leads within the last 300 days.


In case you have any questions please send your request to support@agentlocator.ca.

Thank you for watching!


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