Lead Objection - Just Looking Conversations

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Knowing what to say when a lead says they're "Just Looking", can be difficult for many... A key factor to remember is that we're all "just looking" whenever approached from a sales standpoint (Think about yourself when you walk into a store and an employee asks if you need any help... you respond in most cases the exact same way).

The Key is to dig as to what exactly does that lead mean... "Just Looking" could mean a lot of different things depending on the leads current situation.


Just Looking means stay in contact & monitor - set expectations

How to handle the passive "I'm just looking" Lead

Just Looking for future

Investigation Stage Utilize an agent as your resource

Phone Calls = Better Conversations - Set the Right Expectations with Leads Not Ready Yet!

Lead wants to purchase in a Year - How to follow up

Suggest a solution, set the expectations & follow up


We all look out of curiosity - So do your leads - Don't discriminate


Just looking - 1 Year out



1. How long have you been looking for?
2. So, what are your thoughts on what the market is like?
3. Oh, you're just looking? No problem. Just browsing and doing some research is always smart before making a big decision. If you were to buy, what would be your ideal neighborhood?


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