Lead Objections - "I Have An Agent"

Updated :

Responding to the ever so common objection of "I have an Agent" is uncertain territory for many.  The reality is:

1. Every person out there KNOWS at least 5 - 6 realtors on average (very easy to say they have an agent)

2. Consumers are starting to learn that it's the fastest way to get a realtor to "leave you alone"

Always acknowledge their response, but return it with a question... how a lead responds can often signal whether they're being honest about their claim.  Here's a couple examples:

1. How long have you and your agent been looking for?

2. What realtor are you working with?  


My Friend is an Agent

Just Looking but already have an agent

Has an Agent - Ask the Right Questions to move fast

Just looking response: when a lead has an agent


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