Feeding Zumper / Padmapper Leads Into Your AgentLocator CRM via Zapier

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to feed incoming leads from your Zumper / Padmapper leads into your AgentLocator CRM

This step-by step and tutorial will work for both Zumper or Padmapper - Just adjust the steps/info according to which one you're creating



First thing you're going thing you're going to do is Log Into www.Zapier.com

You're then going to go to parser.zapier.com and log in via Zapier

The below steps you're going to do 2x, one mailbox will be for general inquires, the other mailbox will be for showing requests

(these emails come in with different data so two zaps will be require to feed each lead type properly)


Step 1: Once you're logged into parser.zapier.com, Click the Orange "CREATE MAILBOX" Button


When you create a mailbox, it's going to bring you to a page requesting that you send an email to, followed by a unique parsing email.

Copy that Email address WITHOUT the exclamation mark.


Step 2: Now you're going to head on over to your Everyday Email inbox ie Gmail and you'll need to create a forwarding address & Rule.

a) Click on Settings 


b) Go to the Forwarding Section & Add a New Forwarding Address & Place the Unique Parsing Email into that Forwarding address section 


c) After adding in the forwarding address, a confirmation email with a code will be sent... Go into your inbox, copy that code then go back to settings --> Forwarding and place the code in  

Step 3: Head over to your Email (ie Gmail) and find an email from Zumper that has to do with a "General Inquiry" about your listing

Open the Email

Then to the far right you'll see three dots, Click on the three dots and select "Filter Messages Like These"


Step 4: Create the Rules for your Filter, then Click on Create Filter



Step 5: You're then going to select "Forward Emails" and Select the Unique parsing email to forward those message to and Click "Create Filter":



Now that your forwarding email is in place, you'll now need to create a Dummy Lead on one of your Zumper Listings.

This is so it forwards that email to the parser email in order for you to set rules for the parser as to what information to grab from that email.


Once you've sent the Dummy Lead through, Go back to your Parser Inbox for that email address you set up on parser.zapier.com

Sometimes when you look at the email that was parsed, you won't see the actual email, so click on Original to pull up the full content of the email:


Now we're going to create the parsing rules as to what info to grab (Full Name, Email, Phone, Notes)

Here's a quick tutorial:  https://youtu.be/Zm18W__VfjA


Full Name: Find in the email where the Full Name of the lead is, Highlight the full name & a text box will appear - Type Full Name in that Text Box


Follow this same step for the Email & Phone Number (some leads may have a unique "zumper email" that you'll have to use) 

For the Notes, Highlight a portion of that email that you would like to show up in the "Notes" section for that lead and Name that section "Notes"


Now that the parsing rules are set into place, you can now head over to Zapier and start building out your ZAP!


Step 1:  Log into https://zapier.com/ and Click on "Make a Zap"



Step 2: Choose The "Email Parser by Zapier" as the first app/event (you can start typing parser if it's not showing in the list), then click Continue



Step 3: Choose the "New Email Event" then Continue


Step 4: Select the Parsing Email Account that you wish to Connect (yours will likely only have one), then click "Continue"



Step 5: Choose the mailbox you just created (or the one specific for the zap you're creating either showing request or general inquiry) and click Continue



Step 6: Click on "TEST TRIGGER" and you should see the email that was sent to your unique parsing email about the listing.  Then Click Continue

** If the email pulled isn't an email reflective of an inquiry or showing request (depending on which zap you're creating first), you can select and /or pull an alternate email to use:



Great, Almost Done!

Now that we've told Zapier where to pull the info from, we now need to tell where to send info to

In this case we're creating an email to forward to your Unique Parsing Email within your AgentLocator CRM.

How to Find your Parsing Email: 

Log into your CRM and Go to Preferences (Image A), then scroll down and you'll see a unique "Feed Leads Email" (Image B)

Image A


Image B


Step 1: Choose the App you wish to use to send the email, in this scenario we're using "Email by Zapier", Select & Continue:



Step 2: Customize the Outbound email.

Here's a Quick Tutorial: https://youtu.be/rHQvt8YZpSs 

To Field: This will be your unique parsing email

Subject: Whatever you want the subject to be, could just be "new zumper lead"

Body: You're going to create the field followed by a colon and a space then the field


Full Name: (then pull the full name field)

Phone: (then pull the phone text field)

Email: (then pull the email text field)

Notes: (then pull any /all fields that you want in the notes section)

Source: Zumper.ca  (this will automatically feed the leads in with a source of realtor.ca)

Force Linebreaks?: change this to TRUE



Step 3: Click Continue then Test & Continue - This should result in a new lead in your crm.

You're all set!

Now just Turn on Your ZAP and give it a name so you know what that zap is for!

If you wish to test again, Go back onto one of your listings and create another dummy lead  *** YOU MUST USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS FROM THE FIRST LEAD OR YOU'LL JUST GET A NOTIFICATION THAT YOU'VE RECEIVED A DUPLICATE LEAD


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