Feeding Realtor.ca Leads into Your AgentLocator CRM

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Feeding Your Realtor.ca Inquiries / Leads Into Your AgentLocator CRM.

Video Tutorial: 



Step 1: Go to app.mailparser.io  and create an account.  You'll then want to "Create a New Inbox" (you'll see an option on the main scree or in the top left corner) - Name the mailbox so you recognize what it's for ie Realtor.ca Leads. 




Step 2:  Open up your new mailbox and you'll see a unique parsing email, copy that email



Step 3: Now you're going to head on over to your Everyday Email inbox ie Gmail and you'll need to create a forwarding address & Rule.

a) Click on Settings 


b) Go to the Forwarding Section & Add a New Forwarding Address & Place the Unique Parsing Email into that Forwarding address section 


c) After adding in the forwarding address, a confirmation email with a code will be sent... Go into your inbox, copy that code then go back to settings --> Forwarding and place the code in

d) You'll now need to Create a Filter (image a) to forward only the emails from lead@realtor.ca (Image B) to your unique parsing email (image c)

Image A:


Image B


Image C:



GREAT!  Now You've Successfully Set Up the Automatic Forwarding of Your Realtor.ca Leads to Your Unique Parsing Email

Now We Need to Create the Parsing Rules inside the mailparer.io

The First Thing you Need to do is go onto one of your listings and "book a showing" to create a realtor.ca lead / email that will get parsed into your unique parsing email in order to create the rules to pull the data.


Now This part can be tricky!

Step 1: Go to your mailparser.io Account and Open up the Inbox you just created and Click on "Parsing Rules" on the Left side of the screen:



Step 2: You're Now going to create the rules for fname, lname, email, phone, message

Here's a video walk through: https://youtu.be/5GQwZWdM7IQ 

a) Click on Edit Next to fname (you can follow these initial steps for all the fields mentioned above)


b) Scroll down to the "Content before filter"... for the Start Position select "After [x] lines" and Select #4 (depending on the email, the line number may be different, essentially you want to eliminate everything above the leads first name)


C) Now scroll down to Define End Position and Change the first filter to "Text match: before" then in the 2nd box, start typing in the leads last name - This will result in a filter that just has the leads first name.

Click "OK, looks good!" Then "Validate and Save"


 D) Follow the similar steps in step "C" for Last Name, Phone, Email, Message.

Here's the tutorial again: https://youtu.be/5GQwZWdM7IQ


Now that you've set up the parsing Inbox, Created the Parsing Rules and are Now Forwarding the Lead Emails from Realtor.ca to your Unique Parsing Email, You're now ready to build & test your ZAP!


Step 1:  Log into https://zapier.com/ and Click on "Make a Zap"



2. Search for the Mail Parser App, Select and Click Continue



3. Select / Log-in to your MailParser Account, then Click Continue



4. Select the Mailbox that you're wanting to use ie Realtor.ca Leads or whatever you named your unique mail box, then click Continue



5. You're Now Going to Click on TEST TRIGGER - Make sure the email it's pulling is the "fake lead" you created from your listing, then click CONTINUE

Here's a tutorial to find that email should you not see it: https://youtu.be/tiZnYwkxMj0 



GREAT!  Now that you've identified where you're pulling the information from, we need to identify where you're sending the information to. 

In this case we're creating an email to forward to your Unique Parsing Email within your AgentLocator CRM.

How to Find your Parsing Email: 

Log into your CRM and Go to Preferences (Image A), then scroll down and you'll see a unique "Feed Leads Email" (Image B)

Image A


Image B


Step 1: Choose the App you wish to use to send the email, in this scenario we're using "Email by Zapier", Select & Continue:



Step 2: Customize the Outbound email.

To Field: This will be your unique parsing email

Subject: Whatever you want the subject to be, could just be "new realtor.ca lead"

Body: You're going to create the field followed by a colon and a space then the field


First Name: (then pull the fname field)

Last Name: (then pull the lname field)

Phone: (then pull the phone text field)

Email: (then pull the email text field)

Notes: (then pull any /all fields that you want in the notes section)

Source: Realtor.ca  (this will automatically feed the leads in with a source of realtor.ca)

Force Linebreaks?: change this to TRUE





Step 3: Click Continue then Test & Continue - This should result in a new lead in your crm.

You're all set!

Now just Turn on Your ZAP!


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