TRREB Online Agreements - How To Update URLs

Updated :

If you have active IDX and VOW Agreements and would like to add or change the URL please follow these instructions: 

1.Step 1: Go to your TorontoMLS account (login with your User ID, PIN #, and token/authenticator password)


Step 2: When you log in to your dashboard, click on the Market Stats icon.

TRREB_Online_Agreements_-_Guideline__1_.pngStep 3: You will enter the Spotlight ON TREB Tools and Services. Under MLS® Collaborate & Related Services, find IDX and click on it. 


Step 4: After you click on the IDX link, it will open up the TRREB Online Agreement login page.
Enter your Membership #, PIN #, and token/authenticator password. 
Step5: Once you're logged in, go to the Active tab: 
Step6: Click on your name (hyperlinked) in each agreement to open up Agreement details: 
Step7: Update URLs by adding new domains/websites to URL2 and URL3 field.
NOTE: The IDX and VOW Agreements will then go back to the Broker and TRREB will also need to re-approve them.


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