AgentLocator notification email subjects

Updated :

Below you can find all of the notification emails coming from AgentLocator and the subjects accompanying them.

Branded (legacy) sites:

New Home Seller Lead For

New Home Buyer Lead For

New Other Lead For

New Lead.

New Custom Form Lead Type Lead.

New StreetMatch Lead.

New Book a Showing Lead. 

Task Reminder: Due Today:


(FirstName)Was not auto added to email campaign.


(FirstName) has updated their prospect match criteria on the website.

Lead is active after 30 days





LeadGen (new platform) sites:

New Lead Registration

Your lead (FirstName) created a new saved listing search

Lead has unsubscribed from email

Lead (FirstName LastName), has liked property with MLS number:

(FirstName) viewed property 3 times

Lead (FirstName LastName) is active after 30 days

Your lead (FirstName LastName) updated saved listing search

Question about the property (MLS#)

Property Tour Request

(FirstName LastName) viewed property 3 times

Lead (FirstName LastName) has unsubscribed from email


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