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What type of ads do we do?
Buyer, Seller, Mortgage and Exclusive listing ads

What budget should I use? 
We suggest a minimum of $150 per month for buyers and $200 per month for sellers.

Should I target Buyers or sellers?
We would suggest buyers as they are faster to get and also cheaper than sellers.

Can I target an area without a radius included?
With the latest Facebook updates, we can only use a minimum radius of 15 miles or 25km.

How can I target different ages?
Unfortunately age targeting has been disabled with Facebook's December update in 2020.

Can I change my ad?
Absolutely! When you decide to update your ad, just let us know at support@agentlocator.ca and we'll take care of it for you.

How do buyer ads work?
For buyers, we do lead generation ads where we use Facebook forms. We try to attract the audience by offering people a list of homes in a specific area. Once someone clicks on your ad, it will lead them to the Facebook form so they can fill out their contact info: Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. When the lead submits the form, it's automatically saved in your CRM so you can contact that lead.

How do seller ads work?
For sellers, we offer people a free home evaluation or to find what is their home worth. Once someone clicks on the ad, it will lead them to the HomeWorth page, so they can fill out their info there with the street address, and other info needed.

What do we need before creating the ad?
We need access to your Ads manager and Facebook Business page. You'd need to share your Ad account ID and Facebook Business page link so we can send the request. The next step is for you to accept the request and we can start working on the ad.

How can you share your Ad account ID and Facebook Business page for access purposes?
Please see the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNwugZ-N6ZM

Access Link For Facebook Ads Account Settings:

How can I accept your request?
Please see the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8utT2QjbH8&

Access Link For Facebook Ads Account Settings:

Can you create the ad to advertise my landing page?
Yes, we can. We can help with this, you'd need to provide us with the landing page and some additional info.

What are the Ad details you need for the ad?
Buyers: target area, monthly budget, price range for the listings (e.g. List of homes in Mississauga over $1M)

Sellers: target area, monthly budget

What if I only want a one-time creation?
We offer a one-time creation service for $50.

How can I add a Facebook account to the CRM?
Please see this link and b) section: http://step2.freesocialads.com/

How do I integrate a Facebook form with the CRM system?
Please see the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g45BLDaY6A4

How can I send a test lead from the Facebook account if something is not working?
Please see the link: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/lead-ads-testing

What is the first step if the leads are not flowing into CRM and the integration is already created?
Usually refreshing the integration would help, should you need more assistance after that please email support@agentlocator.ca

What if I have multiple Facebook pages and only see one in the integration part?
You would need to click "remove account" and then add it again and make sure to check all boxes when adding the new account. (referring to this tutorial b) section: http://step2.freesocialads.com/)

Buyer Ad Examples?
Example 1: https://fb.me/bL0LRhdYzOozlK 

Example 2: https://fb.me/1JCoCthPfRm3b0P 

Example 3: https://fb.me/1JixetWk4dWcgrn

Seller Ad Examples?
Example 1: https://fb.me/1X1YLUvsFE4eqTs

Example 2: https://fb.me/1EQMQsHp9rkRmzb

Mortgage Ad Example?
Example: https://fb.me/1J9CEFcBrBlBLCn

How to create the ad to comply with Special ad category policy and make sure it's not rejected.
Tutorial: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYXt2ULNl8 

How do I integrate Facebok ads using Zapier?
Tutorial: https://agentlocator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055662131-How-to-integrate-Facebook-ads-using-Zapier 


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