1.68.0 Release Notes

Updated :


We are happy to introduce new filters allowing you to better sort and target your leads. Learn how brand new features in our latest release create more sales opportunities for you


1. Unsubscribe Filter

What do you do with leads that unsubscribed? Do you delete them? Do you call them? Do you leave them somewhere in the dark corners of your CRM? Leads that unsubscribe are a hidden treasure. Savvy agents like Tom, don’t give up on them. And now it’s even easier to engage with this type of leads because our new feature enables you to filter out these leads easily. Watch the short tutorial to learn how to enable and use this new feature.



2. Sold Listings Filter

Another filter introduced in this release that will make your life easier is the one that filters out leads that receive sold listing. By using this filter and sorting leads in this way, you’ll be able to easily identify homeowners and create more personalized follow-ups with such leads, increasing your chances of closing a deal. Check out this one-minute tutorial to see how to apply this feature.



Please remember that you can always reach out to our Customer Support at support@agentlocator.ca with any additional questions about these features.



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