How to turn off Twilio Error Messages

Updated :

These are standard alerts from Twilio.

If a message you sent is not delivered to the end device and returns a 30003/30006 error code, this means that the delivery of your message failed due to an unavailable or unreachable destination. Common examples are a user who is outside of cellular service or whose mobile device is powered off, also invalid phone numbers & landlines.

This is already recorded in the CRM, as the status of the SMS is recorded as Failed. As said, it does not necessarily mean that a phone number is an incorrect number, just that it couldn't receive the SMS. 



To turn off these messages, follow these steps:


1. Log into your Twilio account: 


2. Once logged in, please go here:


3. Click here:




4. And just delete this Alert:



And you will not receive any error emails anymore.


Thank you!


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