Release Guide 1.79.0

Updated :


Exporting Leads from CRMv2

Now, admin CRM users will be able to export leads as a mass action and they will be able to choose which fields they want to export from a list of fields.

Additionally, at the Exports page under the administration tab, you will have a full history of all your exports, and you will be able to download the file from there. ​



Update of Tags functionality

From now on, all tags will be displayed in the lead grid - if there are too many tags, it will show 3+, but the user will be able to see which additional tags were applied when they hover over the 3+.

​When the user opens the tag list, they will see an extra tab for "assigned to lead" so they can easily view/manage the tags that pertain to that lead.

You will also be able to search for tags using a search bar. The scroll window will change, so that bottom buttons (add a tag and apply) will always be visible while scrolling through the tag list. When a user adds a new tag, that tag will automatically be selected for the lead. ​



Campaign Editor - Automatic Assignment

With Automatic Assignment functionality, we made some design changes and improvements to make it more clear.

​Now, in Automatic Assignment section, you will find more info and guidance so that you are more aware on how to use automatic assignment options. ​



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