Release 1.85.0

Updated :


New Option for Automatically Assigning Leads to Campaigns

Automation is a real estate agent’s best friend! Our latest CRM release brings campaign automation to a new level for you.

Previously, you had the possibility to automatically assign a lead to a drip/nurture campaign upon registration based on Tags, Sources, Lead Types or the Main Agent assigned to the lead. Now, you can choose to automatically assign your lead to a campaign whenever you add a new Tag or change the Source, Main Agent or Lead Type.

Here is an example: you call a lead and find out you’re dealing with a first-time buyer. You already have a nurturing campaign in your database for first-time buyers. Previously, after tagging the lead as a first-time buyer, you had to manually add them to your campaign. Now, you can choose to assign the lead automatically to this campaign right after you tag them as first-time buyers.


Mass Stop Campaigns

It happens! You create a drip or nurturing campaign for your leads. However, you realize you don’t like it anymore and would like to try out a different one. You want to remove all leads from this campaign.

Until our latest release, this had to be done manually, one by one. Which was ok if you had 10-15 leads on a campaign. But for those of you who had hundreds of leads on a nurturing campaign, removing them from that campaign was a nightmare 😱

We are happy to announce that this nightmare is finally over.

Filter leads based on the campaign they’ve been assigned to, go to Apply Actions and select Stop E-Campaign. Voilà! Your leads will be removed from the selected campaign.


Last Contacted By a Lead

Filter your leads based on when they’ve last contacted you. You can select the timeframe and the means of communication: email, text message, or phone.

💡 Tip: Use this new filter to measure your or your team member’s stats. Analyze how often and through which means of communication your leads reach out to you most often.


Lead Last Liked Property

When leads browse properties on your website, they have the option to like a property. Now you can filter out leads who’ve liked a property on your website.

💡 Tip: Create a list of leads who’ve liked property in the last month. Send them a more personalized email or reach out to them with one of our recommended SMS messages.


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