Release 1.87.0

Updated :


Make Your SMS Messages Personalized With Hand-Picked Listings



In one of our recent releases, we’ve added the possibility to easily send one or more listings via e-mail to your leads.


We’ve extended this option to SMS messages! 💃🕺

If you want to make your communication with leads deeper and more personal, you can now send them some of the listings they’ve viewed or liked directly via SMS.


Example: “Hey [FirstName], I saw you liked/viewed this property. What makes this property so special?”


For leads with whom you have a deeper relationship, you can use this feature to quickly send them a new listing you think they’ll like.


Example: “Hey [FirstName], here’s a listing I thought might interest you. Let me know what you think.”


The new option also allows you to mass-send a text message to a list of leads. This could be an ideal way for you to promote your new listing to a list of buyers or your new sold listing to your sellers.


Example: “Hey [FirstName], this is a new property I just listed. Thought you’d want to see it first.” or “Hey [FirstName], just quickly wanted to check in and send you one property I recently sold close to/in your neighborhood.”


Important: You can send only one listing per text message. It’s not possible to send multiple listings within one text message. This is possible only through email.





Your E-Mail section in the main CRM dashboard will now show separate tabs for incoming and outgoing e-mails. Additionally, you’ll be notified every time you receive an incoming e-mail. This will allow you to easier track e-mail exchanges you have with your leads. The new incoming e-mail notification will appear in the upper right corner of your CRM dashboard, where all your other CRM notifications appear. Click on the notification to see the entire e-mail, open it, and then reply right from the pop-up window that appears.




We’ve updated the Campaign Template Builder so that when you make changes to actions in a campaign, they are now applied to all leads assigned to the campaign who haven’t reached the modified action yet. You can modify the SMS/email/e-mail subject text, stopping clauses, campaign assignment criteria, from which agent the emails/text messages are sent, and all Task settings. Modifications that WON’T be applied: adding an action, deleting an action, changes to Silent Hours, Delay Period, and Execute on Business Days option.





We’ve added the “The Year Build” filter so that you can find listings built before or after a specific year or within a range.



We’ve added the “Appliances” filter, so you can find listings based on whether or not they have an alarm system, a barbeque, a cooktop, blinds, etc.



We have updated the “Pets Allowed” filter to include more options such as “Cats OK”, “Dogs OK”, “Conditional”, etc.


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