Release Guide 1.91.0

Updated :

The New and Improved Filter Section Has Arrived


The Filter section in the AgentLocator CRM system is where the magic happens. You use it daily to organize your leads, create call lists, send mass emails, and follow up with your leads.


Now, we’ve given the Filter section a redesign that will make it easier for you to navigate and use it.



We’ve also included new features.


  • Pinned (Quick) Filters

You can now select the most important and heavily-used filters and pin them on the top of the Filter section for quicker access.



  • Filter Description

You can now add a description to each of your Filters. You can use the Description section to instruct your agents on what to do with the leads listed under this filter (e.g., “Call the leads in this filter every day”) or leave a note for yourself. The Filter Description is visible when you hover over the info icon beside the Filter name.



  • Pausing a Filter

Within a specified Filter, you can now pause specific Filter Items without having to remove them from the filter or create new Filters. This is especially useful for running statistics.



  • Multi-Select Filter Update

For those Filter Items within which it’s possible to select multiple criteria (e.g., Campaigns, Pipeline, Tags, etc.), the selected criteria will now appear at the top of the list, so you don’t need to scroll through the entire list to see what criteria you’ve selected.



  • Group Filters

As the number of Filters in your CRM system grows, it may become hard to navigate through all of them. That’s why we’ve grouped filters into specific categories like Communication, Lead Details, Search Criteria, Activity, etc., for faster navigation.


Additionally, the latest CRM release brings you two new Filter Items:


  • Call Result: Talked to Lead - enables you to find leads where the call result was/was not 'talked to lead' in a specified timeframe (today, yesterday, this month, etc.)



  • Last E-mail Activity - enables you to find the last time a lead's email status was in each of the statuses (Sent, Delivered, Opened, etc.) within a specified timeframe.



Other New CRM Features in This Release




You can now choose a Website Theme for your LeadGen website from within the Site Manager. Website Themes define the Advanced Search Criteria available for leads browsing on your LeadGen website. Here’s how to create and access them.



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