Release 1.89.0

Updated :

TRREB Members: We’ve Added Commercial Properties!


If you are a member of TRREB, your users will now be able to search for commercial properties.
Plus, updates to search functionality, filters, incoming emails, and campaign editor. 


TRREB Commerical Properties


Yes, they’re finally here!

If listings on your website are pulled from the TRREB feed, then your website users can now search for commercial properties. This also means you can start running Google PPC and Facebook Ads for commercial properties!


For Google PPC Ads, depending on your targeting area, you can expect a cost per lead of $4-$8. For Facebook Ads, the range is $2-$8, depending on the area you want to target.


If you want more info on ads for commercial properties, please reach out to Benisa or Sunny.


Filter Update for Viewed Property 3 or More Times

The “Viewed Property 3 or More Times” filter has been updated. You can also specify the timeframe (today, last 7 days, etc.) in which the lead viewed the property the last time. This will help you narrow down your list to the most active and interested leads using one single filter.


New Role Tasks in Campaign Editor

If within one of your campaigns you have a Task, now you can assign the task based on “Roles”: Main Agent, Mortgage Agent or Listing Agent. This will assign the task to whoever is the agent for that lead at the time the campaign action executes.


CC'd on Incoming Emails - Update

If you get a reply from someone who has been CC’d in one of your emails, such emails will have a different icon within the “Incoming Email” tab. If an incoming email includes multiple recipients, the “Reply” button will automatically include all the recipients in your reply email.


Search Filter Typehead - Update

We’ve done a small update on how you can search for filters when adjusting your lead’s Saved Search. Now, the drop-down menu will pick up the first three letters you type, giving you better-adjusted auto-suggestions. Previously, it was registering the first letter only.


In case you need assistance, please send your request to We are happy to help! 




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