Release 1.90.0

Updated :

[New CRM Feature] Automate Lead Source, Lead Type and Tags Assignment for Leads From Your Contact Widgets


Also in this Release: easily see why campaign actions were cancelled; the full Home Type name is now displayed on websites with the RAE feed; plus, new search filters for TRREB and REBGV


More Automation for Leads Coming From Your Contact Widgets



With our latest update to the Site Manager, you’ll be able to specify Lead Source, Lead Type and Tags that will be added automatically to leads registering through the Contact widgets on your new platform websites.


Previously, such leads were assigned a generic Lead Type and Lead Source. Tags had to be added manually.


This update will allow for more customization and better differentiation of these leads, and ensure a more efficient and tailored nurturing experience.



Easily Find Out Why Campaign Actions Were Stopped



It often happens that drip campaign actions are stopped for your leads. Sometimes you do this on purpose, manually. But it can also happen when stopping clauses are fulfilled. Now you can find out why a campaign action was cancelled by simply hovering over the Cancelled status in the E-Campaigns tab in your lead’s profile.




We have added three new filters for members of REBGV: Amenities, Remarks for Clients, and Construction.




We have added a new filter for members of TRREB, Portion of Property For Lease.






We improved the user experience on websites that pull listings from RAE. Property type names will now be displayed in their full name instead of short forms. For example, where previously it would show just DETACH, it will now show the full name, Detached Single Family.


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