Release 1.93.0

Updated :


[NEW CRM FEATURES] Enhanced Options for Your Facebook Ads

Also in this Release: Lead name displayed in browser tabs + new filters for TRREB, NTREIS, ITSO and Stellar MLS boards


Run Better-Targeted Facebook Ads Thanks to Improvements in Our CRM Facebook Integration


Our CRM Facebook integration has gotten a significant update to help you target your Facebook Ads better.


Before, when a lead signed up to receive listings through your Facebook Ads, the Saved Searches automatically created for the lead could include only three criteria: Type of Home, City and Price.


With this latest update, our Facebook integration can pick up all search criteria available on your website, e.g. Number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garages, etc.


This means you can now create more targeted Facebook Ads. For example, suppose you know that a double garage or pool is a sought-after feature in particular neighbourhoods. In that case, you can now include these criteria in your Facebook Ads, making them more relevant.


After the lead fills out the Facebook form, the Saved Searches automatically created for them will include the criteria you defined through the updated Facebook Integration.



Other New CRM Features in This Release


Browser Tabs


When working out of the CRM, we know that many of you like to have multiple lead dashboards open in multiple tabs. With our latest CRM Release, whenever you open a new lead in a new tab, the tab’s name will begin with the Lead Name so that you can multitask easier.






We’ve added two new listing filters for members of Stellar MLS: High School Name and Middle School Name.





We’ve added a new listing filter for members of NTREIS: Complex Name.





We’ve added a new listing filter for members of TRREB: Waterbody Type.





We’ve added a new listing filter for members of ITSO / ITSOVOW: Waterbody Type.



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