Adding Additional Pipeline Statuses

Updated :

Wow! Among all the suggestions we receive every month for new CRM features, a huge chunk of them were in connection to our pipeline statuses. You wanted more of them, so we delivered!

And not only have we added new statuses, but we have updated the automation possibilities on existing ones.





A new status that will be automatically applied to any lead you contacted ten times (via calls and SMS) without getting any response. This is the default setting you can change in the CRM Settings section. You can turn this automation entirely off or change the criteria for when it will be applied. For example, you can choose that this status is automatically assigned whenever you call a lead five times with no response. The automation will be applied going forward, which means that you’ll have to set this status manually for old leads.


Cold/Not Ready; Warm/Nurturing; Hot/Ready

New statuses to help you better organize your main dashboard. They have no automation features and need to be set manually.


Past Clients

A new status ideal for those who’d like to import your past clients into the AgentLocator CRM. When you set this status, it will open the same form as when you set the Sold status, giving you the ability to enter the details of the deal.




Made Contact 

Going forward, the Made Contact status will be automatically applied when a lead responds to you via SMS. You can turn this off in the CRM Settings section. Additionally, you can enable to move a lead to the Made Contact status automatically whenever they reply via email. This setting is turned off by default, but you can turn it on in the CRM Settings section. Any lead moved to the Made Contact status once won’t be moved back to the Non-responsive status automatically, even if it meets the criteria. You’ll have to do this manually.



This status will replace the Garbage status, adding a new twist. Previously, when you moved a lead to the Garbage status, it would still appear in your main dashboard. From now on, when you move a lead to the Archive status, it won’t appear in your main dashboard anymore. However, it also won’t be deleted, and you’ll still be able to pull it up using filters. Please note that going forward, you won’t be able to delete leads permanently anymore. Instead, when you press the Trash icon, you’ll be prompted to move the lead to the Archive status.



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