Hand-Picked via SMS

Updated :

In one of our recent releases, we’ve added the possibility to easily send one or more listings via e-mail to your leads.


We’ve extended this option to SMS messages! 💃🕺


If you want to make your communication with leads deeper and more personal, you can now send them some of the listings they’ve viewed or liked directly via SMS.


Example: “Hey [FirstName], I saw you liked/viewed this property. What makes this property so special?”


For leads with whom you have a deeper relationship, you can use this feature to quickly send them a new listing you think they’ll like.


Example: “Hey [FirstName], here’s a listing I thought might interest you. Let me know what you think.”


The new option also allows you to mass-send a text message to a list of leads. This could be an ideal way for you to promote your new listing to a list of buyers or your new sold listing to your sellers.


Example: “Hey [FirstName], this is a new property I just listed. Thought you’d want to see it first.” or “Hey [FirstName], just quickly wanted to check in and send you one property I recently sold close to/in your neighborhood.”


Important: You can send only one listing per text message. It’s not possible to send multiple listings within one text message. This is possible only through email.



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