Submitting a test lead from Facebook LeadGeneration Ads

Updated :

If you want to make sure that your Facebook Integration is fully connected, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your Ads Manager

2. Select the Campaign in question


3. Go to the "Ads" level and select the ad

4. Click "Preview" and copy the link




5. Open the link in a new tab, and click on "Show Ad"


6. This will refresh your Facebook homepage, so scroll a bit further down until you locate your ad on your homepage. Once you find it, click your call to action button.


7. Submit your information. Make sure to use an email address that is not already in your CRM, as duplicate leads will not be synced.



Notes: If you are using the same form throughout your ads, you will need just one test.

If you are using multiple, test all of them.

One Facebook account will be able to test one form just one time.

Always use a different email address to make sure your leads will sync.

This ad will be visible throughout your feeds (All selected placements on Facebook and Instagram) during the next 24 hours.

You won't pay for this lead. This lead will not be accounted for in the total number of conversions on Facebook, however if you download your leads, it will be displayed there.

Video Instructions:



Note: If you are using this link for Lead Testing, this will only show if the integration is connected or not. This can show potential errors, or let you know that the form is/is not working, but this will not create a lead in your CRM.



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