CMS - New Site Manager Team Functionality for Creating Branded or LeadGen Websites for Sub-Users

Updated :

AgentLocator is continuously working on improving our product’s functionalities. We’ve added a new feature to our Site Manager that is the ideal solution for medium and big real estate teams!

The new option allows CRM Account Owners to create one branded or LeadGen website for each sub-user account in your CRM. This website will have a subdomain under the main agent’s or brokerage’s domain.

Example: you are the Account Owner for a brokerage called “The Best Brokerage” that is using the domain and you have three Realtors on the team, Jim Jimmy, Sam Sammy, and Kit Kitty. You can now create a branded or LeadGen website for each of them, with custom subdomains like:,, and


You can choose from several different branded and LeadGen layouts. After you’ve chosen the layout and subdomain name, our Customer Support Team will receive a notification and make sure the subdomain goes live ASAP.

The newly created website will be editable right away. It can be edited either by the Account Owner or the sub-user. It has all the functionality and features as our standard branded and LeadGen websites. The sub-users will also have full CRM functionality, including access to the HomeLocator and CRM app.

Big real estate teams will benefit especially from being able to implement a streamlined layout consistent with brand guidelines across all of their agents’ websites. Such websites are available at $15/month per sub-user.

This service does not include AgentLocator’s LeadGen service. If some of the sub-users want to generate leads through Google or Facebook PPC campaigns, they’ll have to upgrade to our standard LeadGen package.




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