Release 1.94.0

Updated :

[NEW CRM FEATURE] Filter Leads By Address


Also in this Release: Update to the Campaign filter, new filter in the Task Overview section, Multiple Polygon option for your website visitors + a new listing filter for Stellar and BeachesMLS.


New & Updated CRM Filters


Our latest Release brings two new CRM filter updates to you.


NEW FILTER: Lead’s Address


This filter allows you to filter out leads based on their address, so you can now easily find leads living in a particular street, city or postal/zip code. This is an ideal filter for nurturing your seller leads.


For example, you can pull up all leads that live on Main Street and mass send them a handpicked listing you recently sold on their street.





We have added a new operator - Ongoing / In Progress - to the Campaigns filter. It allows you to pull up leads with a specified campaign In Progress.


You can use this filter to mass tag leads receiving a particular campaign (for example, if you are testing a new drip campaign on a set of leads or stopping an existing drip campaign).


Other New CRM Features in This Release



Draw Multiple Polygons


When using the Map Search option, your website visitors can now draw multiple custom areas they want to search in, which will be combined into one Saved Search.


This is especially useful for clients looking into, for example, different school districts and who want to focus their search on several districts simultaneously.




New “Assigned To” Filter Added


Agents with the Admin status will now be able to pull up tasks assigned to specific sub-users in their CRM on the Task Overview page. We have also given this page a complete redesign which is now more user-friendly and intuitive.







On both, Stellar and BeachesMLS, we’ve added a new listing filter: Elementary School Name. In previous Releases, we added High School and Middle School Name to the listings filter list. Now that all these filters are available, you can step up your SEO game, and build dedicated pages on your website, showing listings falling within particular school districts.



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