Release 1.95.0

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Release 1.95.0


Pin Your Most Important Notes & Calls


If you use the built-in dialer to call your leads from the CRM system, all your calls get recorded, and you can re-listen them anytime. This is good when you want to remind yourself about what you talked about with the lad in full detail. Some of you also add extensive notes with additional important information the lead provided you with.


With our latest Release, you can pin your most important notes and calls (even manually logged calls) to the top of the “Notes & Calls” section in the Lead Profile, so they are always in plain sight, and you don’t have to scroll endlessly to find them.


If you pin multiple calls and notes, they will all appear on the top in chronological order. Pinned calls and notes will also be highlighted, so you can distinguish them easier.




Different Content for Different Users


The latest Release allows you to create different content depending on whether your website visitor is logged into their account or not. You can hide forms or display different text after the user signs in. This option is available within your Site Manager.


Here’s one example of how you can use this feature:


Think of an interesting topic for an article - for example, 5 Things You Should Know as a First-Time Buyer. Create a new page on your website which will host this article. Make this content available only to logged-in users. For users that are not logged in, you can display a message like this: Sign up to learn about the 5 most important things you should know as a first-time buyer.


Note: this feature is available only to New Platform users. To inquire how you can switch to the New Platform, please reach out to our Support Team at



New “AI Bot Settings” Tab


You can now easily update your AI Bot settings within the CRM - it’s possible to enable/disable the AI Bot, manage your AI Bot subscription, and choose which CRM users will have access to the AI Bot. Please note that only Admin users have access to managing these settings.


The new “AI Bot Settings” Tab is available under your CRM's “Administration” section.


Updating Previously Uneditable Criteria


You may have noticed that some of the search criteria filters available to users on your website aren’t supported within the CRM when you try to edit them. With this Release, you’ll now be able to edit these criteria.


If the Saved Search contains criteria you cannot view or edit, you’ll notice a banner highlighting those filter criteria. You will also receive a link to your website, where you’ll be able to view/edit any of the Saved Search criteria.


When redirected to your website, you’ll be signed in as your lead. However, don’t worry! While you’re signed in like this, website activity will not be tracked.






We’ve added a new listing filter for members of NTREIS: Middle School Name



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