Release 1.96.0

Updated :


Release 1.96.0


Better Experience for You & Your Clients


Our latest Release is focused on creating a better experience for you and your clients. Here’s what we did:






Improvements to the Tags Section


🧠 The AgentLocator CRM system is now much better at remembering your most-used tags!


Once you open the Tag pop-up window, it will now automatically detect which tag section was last used, opening the most relevant tab every time.


For example, if the last section you used was the “Most Used Tags” section, the next time you want to add a tag to your lead, this section will open by default.



Improvements to the Filter Section


😅 Ooops, seems like we put a button in the wrong place. Let’s pretend that never happened.


Your feedback is tremendously valuable to us! Thanks for letting us know that the position of the “Clear Filters” button was a bit inconvenient as you were clicking it by accident way more than you should have. We have now moved it to the right of the “Apply & Preview” button.



Improvements to the Help Section in the Campaign Editor


🎥 The Campaign Editor section is now filled with useful video tutorials to help you better navigate through its functionality.


When you go inside the Campaign Editor, you’ll now notice a “Watch Tutorial” button in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, you’ll be taken directly to Campaign Editor tutorials on our Training Platform. Additionally, you can also access tutorial videos when clicking on the small question marks in the Settings part of the Campaign Editor on the right. 






Improvements to the Search pages


🎨 Your Search pages just became more colourful.


Each Listing Status will now have a tag in a different colour, so it’s easier for your website visitors to differentiate them.


🔵 For Sale          🟣 For Rent          🟠 Sold          🟡 Rented



Improvements to the Desktop View


🖥️ Your website visitors will now have a more streamlined view on desktop and mobile.


Your leads will most likely use different devices at different times when browsing properties on your website. In the morning, they might be browsing on their smartphone while commuting. In the evening, they might switch to a laptop or desktop computer. We’ve now streamlined the desktop view with the mobile view of your website, so it’s easier for them to navigate around the site no matter what device they are on.

Other New Features in This Release



Two New Shortcodes


We’ve introduced two new shortcodes that you can now include in your email and SMS templates.



#1 Token (Automatically Log Leads Onto Your Website)


This Shortcode will help eliminate an additional step for your leads - logging into your website every time they click on a link in your email.


You have two versions of this Shortcode:


&token=[lead.cmsuser.token] -> You will add this version of the shortcode to all links in your emails & text messages THAT HAVE A ? (question mark) within the URL


?token=[lead.cmsuser.token] -> You will add this version of the shortcode to all links in your emails & text messages THAT DO NOT HAVE A ? (question mark) within the URL



#2 Lead ID


This Shortcode was specifically created for those agents who need to pass the Lead ID to an entirely different system. Most of you don’t fall into this category, so don’t worry!


To send the Lead ID to a different system, you can now simply add leadid to the URLs you want to track, and that’s it.



Should you require any help or have questions about when and how to use these new shortcodes, please reach out to our Support Team at:



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