Release 1.99.0

Updated :

Release 1.99.0

Make your lead imports a smooth operation with the help of custom fields

Our last release introduced Custom Fields to the CRM - fields you can create based on your need to collect specific data, e.g. info about additional emails, phone numbers, details about spouses, children, pets, etc. It also introduced the ability to filter leads based on the criteria you set in your Custom Fields.

With this Release, you’ll be able to map and create new Custom Fields while importing leads to your CRM from various sources - making the AgentLocator CRM 100%-bulletproof to any potential data loss during imports.

TRREB: CRM filter values now match TRREB’s property class values

When your leads and clients are searching and filtering properties on your website, they’ll now be able to search based on TRREB’s property classification, which divides properties into Residential Freehold, Residential Condo & Other, and Commercial Property.

Need help importing contacts?

If you need any help, email a .csv file of your contacts to our support team at and we will be happy to help!



If you need assistance with Property Class Filter Update, please contact support at



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