Listing Exposure Tool

Updated :


* Does the "Potential System Reach" include all leads in my system regardless of their pipeline status? For example, if I've marked a lead as "archive" in the pipeline, would the system reach still include them?

- No, listing emails are not sent to leads that are marked as "Archive". 

* Is the potential system reach for all leads across ALL Agent Locator systems or just in my system?

- Whole system. 

* Does the system let you know if the average price is the average sold price or the average list price?

- Takes sold price for TREB, and specifies what it looks into for the rest of the boards 

* What time period is used to calculate "Average Number of Days on Market" and "Average Price"? For example, is the "Average Price" based on the last 1 year of sold prices? 

 - If you hover over the control on the UI it shows it uses sold data for the last six months. 



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