What does the CASL really mean?

Updated :

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation talks about two different types of permissions when it comes to collecting email addresses.  They are called express & implied permissions.

Express Permission is when you directly ask the potential contacts to be able to send them emails and they accept.  When you ask them for permission you also need to inform them of exactly who you are and who will be emailing them.

  • Your Name, the name of the person/company asking for permission.
  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Postal Address

The customer must also be told which email provider (AgentLocator) will be emailing them and also be provided with an unsubscribe option on every email.

Implied Permission is when you have yet to acquire express permission but some previous business relationship exists.  Some examples of implied permissions are:

  • Exchange of business cards
  • Sign up forms on websites where you did not ask for consent
  • Contest bowl collections where consent is not asked
  • Verbal requests (in person or over the phone)

Following permission based practices as it is required by our terms and conditions, those contacts should qualify for implied consent under CASL.  According to the CASL regulations, once you have Implied consent you have 2 years to get express consent.

Gaining Express Permission

There are a few ways you can get express consent depending on whether you have implied consent or not.

  • Send an email asking for Express Consent
    If you have implied consent you can send an email requesting to receive express consent.
  • Double opt-in
    Any visitor that goes through a double opt-in either verifying his/her email or account through SMS message has already given Express consent.
  • Ask for consent
    When collecting new addresses through any means ask for express consent by stating what you will be communicating with them about either through a written or verbal process.

What AgentLocator is doing to gain Express Consent


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